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Some of the other pies i have my finger in.

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PLaneta acetuna

One of my current experiments is a project surrounding all things olives, with abundance of these little green and black beauties in my local area and after the success of the markets see below, I am currently working on a small bespoke olive brand to supply the people of the costa blanca. 

The marination and processing of the olives is a slow and relatively labour free process allowing me on creating a memorial brand and experiment with new ideas for marketing campaign and targeted advertising.

website coming soon untill then if you need olives drop me a line.

EAt Local Marina alta

Pre-covid, remember the days? So long ago, where the days seemed longer and brighter. 

A Project I undertook was Eat Local Marina Alta. 

It was really a way fo me to test my entrepreneurial side and the business waters here in Spain. Striving to create a gastronomic network, not initially knowing what formed this would take the desire to take my food to the people. But more than that around here the tourist areas are many of the same menus consisting of frozen food. There are many amazing local restaurants but it can be easy to get lost in the mediocre masses.

After much deliberation, it was decided to set up a pop-up kitchen and stall in the local markets and festival, highlighting local artisan products & ingredients,  

Pairing the menus with locally produced beer. Everything was local, maybe overly so, even down to the wheat in our bread was grown and milled locally and hand cooked locally on wood fires. 

Not only did it give me an outlet to test my culinary creations, but also created a portal for visitors and locals alike to experience the wonderful flavours of the surrounding Mediterranean area. 

This Led to dinner parties & dining experiences across the local area. Sadly, with the rise of the pandemic and one thing leading to another I decided to cease trading

Over the lockdown with the close of the Kitchen I had one ace left in my bag, I remembered the time I had locked myself away spent studying for my degree, kind of similar to lockdown. 

I decided it was about time to put it to more use. Rather than slouching in my Pjs, I made a routine and started to catch up on software changes, design trends, technological advancements in the design field. Anything and everything I could, I consumed graphic media for dark months and woke up one morning and realised i had made the change from the frying pan to the fire. The website was live and had been sustaining myself through my design work for some time already.